132’s Recommendation

29 Anniversary

~~~  HOLIDAY’S PRIX FIXE MENU  ——  All prix fixe entrees served with Choice of … House salad, Spring Roll or Egg Roll and a choice of fried rice, steamed brown or white rice.

~~~  MAIN COURSE ——  Good Lucky Chicken (Holiday Selection)  ~~~  Traditional Emperor’s dish for Holiday, marinated chicken breast, stir with sugar snap pea, green/red pepper, and broccoli in mounth watering earthern barrels-age Chinese Sake sauce.

Twin Dynasty (Lovely Match)  ~~~  Two of 132’s famous dishes Honey Shrimp and Bourbon Chicken perfectly married in one plate.

Mao’s Style Pork Belly  (New)  ~~~  Slow simmered pork belly with Chinese Shaoxing wine, Hoisen, soy, ginger, garlic, sugar and chili bean paste to perfection.  Bedded over crystal fry rice with Chinese vegetables.

Laksa Beef  ~~~ Famous dish from Southeast Asia.  USDA Choice beef cooked in coconut curry broth with noodle and baby veggies.  It can be as spicy as you want it. The spicier the better.  Please don’t ask for less/non spicy.  It won’t happen.                                                     

Su Yuen Shrimp (New)  ~~~  Lightly floured jumbo shrimp, flash fry till golden brown then danced over our chef’s special mouth-watering spicy apricots sauce, with asparagus, green/red pepper and glazed walnuts.

Tibetan Lamb (Hot Seller)  ~~~ Young lamb Shank marinated with roasted garlic/ginger for hours, cooked to the perfection, then blanket with traditional Tibetan Kopan spicy basil sauce, with baby vegetables.

Chinto Box (Chef’s selection)  ~~~  Flash fried Shrimp and chicken showered with our chef’s personal spicy cactus sauce (Please don’t asked for less/non spicy.  It won’t happen) accompany with fried or steamed dumpling, salad in ginger dressing, fry-rice and steamed baby veggies.

Imperial Chicken (Spicy)  ~~~  General Tso’s favorite.  Chunks of marinated chicken crisply fried and blended with assorted vegetables, in our special spicy tangy sauce.  (White Meat add $1.00)

Cape Fear Treasure  (Gluten Free)  ~~~  Sea scallops, clams, mussels, calamari, shrimp and seasonal baby veggies stir-fried in a tradition wine sauce.

Szechuan Almond Chicken (Spicy)  ~~~  Chicken breast coated with almond slices, flash fried to perfection and splashed with our chef’s special almond sauce, over seasonal vegetables.  Cheng Du province selection!

Triple Delight (Spicy)  ~~~  Breast of chicken, USDA Choice beef and Gulf shrimp stir-fried with vegetables in our homemade spicy sauce providing a perfect balance of taste & texture.