Soup + Salad + Appetizer


Chicken broth is used in all soups unless otherwise specified

House Soup – Seafood Combo Soup … Looking for  a great home made soup?  This is the one for you … Combination of local fresh seafood, cooked in a lite creamy broth

Tofu And Baby Veggies Soup (Gluten Free) – Seasonal Baby Veggies In A Lite Veggie Broth

Velvet Corn Soup (Gluten Free) – Creamy Corn Chowder With Chicken

Wonton Soup – Egg Drop cup (Gluten Free) Hot/Sour cup (Veggie broth)

Garden Salad – House baby greens tossed with homemade KungPaonese creamy ginger dressing

Samplers For Two – Crab Rangoon, Spare Ribs, Egg Rolls, Beef Sate, and Chicken Wings

SZECHUAN Chili Dumplings (Pork)

Chicken or Veggie Dumplings (6) – Fried or Steamed

Edamame With Sea Salt For Two

Lettuce Wraps (2)

Beef Sate

BBQ Spare Ribs

Calamari In Roasted Peppercorn

Fried Chicken Wings (6)

Crab Rangoons (8)

Cold Sesame Noodles (Spicy)               

Egg Roll, Coconut Roll or Vegetable Roll